Car #001 ('Rex')

Our 1924 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost limousine.

"The living embodiment of grace and power." (C.L.Freestone F.R.G.S. - Autocar 1913)

Rex 1

Being manufactured by Rolls-Royce in their Derby Road factory in 1924, 'Rex' is one of the very last true Silver Ghost motor cars ever made. 1925 saw the last Silver Ghost produced in the UK.

This car is a heavy bodied four-door limousine with a sliding glass partition between the chauffeur and passengers. The large and spacious fully enclosed 'D' back, body was made and fitted to the Rolls-Royce running chassis (as was the norm in the 1920's), by Joseph Cockshoot and Co. of Manchester.

Rex 2

The dark brown leather interior is well lit and airy having windows all round including a rear window which can be shut off with it's rolling blind. Also in the rear is an original flower sconce and a small fitted pocket watch.

Designed for very spacious seating of the two main passengers, the large rear, leather sofa seat can accommodate three adults at a push with another two adults riding in the rear on the temporary fold-out 'occasional' seats. If another adult has to be chauffeured their is room for yet one more on the bench seat next to the driver, giving a total capacity of a whopping 6 passengers (at a push!).

Rex Back Interior

Being so early in manufacture, this car does not have any seat belts fitted. However, unusually for a Silver Ghost, this car was fitted with brakes to all four wheel as original. (most only have rear wheel brakes!).

The colours are Masons Black over Royal Maroon Red with the maroon also being used to pinstripe around the windows.

Though showing gentle signs of ageing patina, this car has won an number of prestigious first's at Classic Car shows and Rolls-Royce Enthusiast Club annual concourse events.

Rex 4

'Rex' also had the honour to be imortialised in print when photographs of the car appeared in both the "Great Marques of Britian" and "Great Marques - Rolls-Royce" books by Jonathan Wood in 1984.

Rex and Dick

Specification summary:
Title 1924 , post WWI war (late), Silver Ghost
Chassis# 54RM
Chassis by Rolls-Royce at Derby
Engine# S268
Engine 6 cylinders, 7,428cc (side-valve)
Max speed 70 mph
Gearbox Manual 4 speed box (direct drive in 4th)
Reg # TC 9414
Colour Black: wings, running boards and roof, Royal Maroon (Burgundy): Body sides, Bonnet, Brown leather in rear
Body Cockshoot
Body by Joseph Cockshoot and Co. of Manchester (MG Main Dealers ??)
Body style 'D' Back, Saloon Limousine (Hard-Top, Wind-up windows), 4-doors

Rex 3

More History

At the London Olympia Show in November 1906 a new model by Rolls-Royce was exhibited.
C S Rolls-Royce & Co. presented on their stand in chassis-form (i.e. chassis, engine and gearbox) the first example of the model which would become famous as the Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost.
While on exhibition the model was not called the Silver Ghost in fact, but described simply as the Rolls-Royce 40/50 hp. This indicated the horsepower figure for motor tax purposes (deduced from the cylinder bore dimension using a formula known as the RAC Rating) which came out at 40 hp, and the actual output which was given as 50 hp.

The name Silver Ghost was a later creation of C G Johnson and at first was used only for one demonstrator. Curiously though during the time that the model was being produced this name found more acceptance than the term given by the factory and in the end was in general usage for all examples of this model.

At the time, this motor car, more than any other, symbolised luxury and wealth. Like the Tsar who had chosen a Silver Ghost, Lenin, his communist successor, also chose a Rolls-Royce. The Emperor of Japan had taken delivery of two Silver Ghosts in 1922 and the aristocrats and magnates who drove Silver Ghosts were legion.

It was the Silver Ghost that confirmed in the eyes of the world that Rolls-Royce really did build "The Best Car in the World".


Each wedding is different and the cost depends on your personal requirements, however as a guide, we base our charging for this car on the following figures:

Rex Cut-out Car #001 ('Rex') our 1924 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, Wedding: 395   Prom: 295
Champagne Bottle
Additional, 'Champagne Service', 25
Note: If you only want this for your arrival at the reception, it may already be part of your reception package?

Cheques should be made payable to: Mr Chess Ferrier

The 'Basic' (local) price for this car for a Wedding is:£ 395
The 'Basic' (local) price for this car for a Prom is:£ 295
The 'Local' area for this car is:Southampton
This car's 'Home Base' (Click for map!) is:SO19 8NE
Additional Information
This car is prepared to travel out of it's home area and unlike many suppliers, having excellent lighting, we are happy to use the car in the dark.


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