Pricing Guideline

The following notes have been made in an attempt to help you understand the pricing policy used.

Basiclly, the price charges for any one car, is calculated as the 'Basic' charge for a 'Local' wedding, plus any additional charges for additional services requested and/or distance covered.

Each car has listed with it, it's 'Basic' charge.
This is the minimum charge for the car for a wedding wholly located in the car 'local' area, and with no additional services added.

Each car has listed with it, it's 'Local' area.
This is the main area in which the car normally works. Wedding for which the total mileage covered from the supplier's Home Base, and back to the supplier's Home Base, is less than 50 miles, are normally considered as 'Local'

Each car is listed with it's supplier's 'Home Base', Post Code.
The supplier's Home Base, is the location where the car is normally stored, and is given by the Post Code listed. This is also the point from which the total mileage requirement is calculated.

Calculating the total mileage covered.
If you have access to any Route Planning S/W or tools, you can calculate the total mileage covered using the following method:

  1. Enter the 'Home Base', Post Code for the required car as the Start of the route.
  2. Enter the Post Code of the pick-up address of the bride as the next stop on route
  3. Enter the Post Code of the Church/Wedding Service Location as a stop on route
  4. Enter the Post Code of the Reception as the next stop on route
  5. Re-Enter the 'Home Base', Post Code as the End of the route.
  6. Using this information, use your Route-Planner S/W to calculate the total mileage requirement.

Note: You will, of course, need to add additional route stops, if additional travelling is required, (Bridesmaid trips etc.)

Calculating the cost of 'Additional' mileage.
If, using the calculation above, you find you have a total mileage requirement of over 50 miles, then, generally speaking, you will be charged an additional £ 1.00 per mile over the first 50 miles.

Don't worry if you do not wish to do these calculations yourself, we are happy to do them for you and give you a firm price.


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