Questions and Answers

To clarify some of the most common questions, we have listed below some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

Will you take the Bridesmaids and or the Brides Mother to the Church if we only book one car? We are happy to do two trips to church at no extra cost if it is within 10 minutes drive of the pick up point and time allows.
Note: There is some additional 'risk' involved from unforeseen traffic problems and acts of god. The risk is calculated to be tiny, so this option is available if you wish to use it.
Can I see the actual car/cars before the wedding? We encourage clients to view/inspect the car/s selected, however this facility is but by appointment only.
Can the car/s be hired as transport from the Reception to the Honeymoon Hotel or Airport? Yes, but full details, (departure time and distance), would be needed to allow for a quotation.
Are ribbons and floral decorations included? Yes, white or ivory ribbons and bows are standard, with silk flowers if requested.
What colours of ribbons and flowers can we choose? We normally supply White or Ivory/Cream ribbons, free of charge, but you are welcome to supply your own ribbons and silk flowers in any colour you wish.
What happens if it rains? It's always disappointing if the weather is not good, and on those occasions we have to make the most of it. We usually find that in the excitement of the day, the people who matter most (bride and groom) do not notice the weather as much as the rest of us. We will attempt to supply the car presented as well as we can, re-cleaning the car during the service if location and weather allow, we also carry a large umbrella to use as required. Fortunately our cars are fully enclosed, so once inside, the passengers will be snug and dry.
Do you supply Champagne to drink after the ceremony? Not normally, however Champagne drinks for the wedding couple can be supplied as an additional service.
The additional 'Champagne Service' that we offer, consists of the following: We will supply a HALF bottle of Champagne and attempt to make sure it is served chilled, (as best we can given the facilities available). We will open the half bottle and serve the happy couple at their convenience after the wedding ceremony. The couple will be welcome to take their glasses and the remaining Champagne into the car while they are transported to the reception address. A reciprocal will be available for the disposal of the empty glasses and bottle while on route. Note: In all honesty, it is probably better to arrange it so that Champagne is waiting for you at the reception address and supplied by them as they have proper cooling facilities etc.
How do I make a firm booking? We are happy to take reservations over the phone, in person (at the viewing?) or over the internet. If available, we will reserve your selected car/s for 14 days. At this stage the car is NOT firmly 'Booked', just reserved. During the reservation period we request that you make a firm 'Booking' by sending us the due deposit (Payable to Mr Chess Ferrier) of 50 per car. Once we have the deposit we will send you written confirmation of the date and all the arrangements and details that we have on file, (for you to double check).
When do I need to pay the full balance? The balance must be received at least 21 days prior to the hire/wedding date to guarantee availability on the day. (Payable to Mr Chess Ferrier)
Where are you based and what area do you cover? We are based in Sholing/Bitterne, Southampton and cover most of Hampshire. Locations outside a 10-mile radius taken from central Totton, (the centre of Southampton), may incur an additional charge. Our prices are based on the distance to the wedding and reception venue(s), number of cars required and number of journeys required by the Bridal Party. Each booking is unique and customised to meet the requirements of the Bride and Groom. For a quotation please call or email us with full details of your wedding or special event. Our quotation will be firm with no hidden extras.
How long do we have use of the car(s) on the day? You will have use of the car(s) and chauffeur(s) to pick up the Bridal Party and take them to the wedding venue, wait for the ceremony and photographs to be completed, before taking Bride and Groom to the reception venue. If no further photographs of the car/s are required, we will depart. Generally this takes anything up to about 3 hours, however we are very flexible so let us know your requirements and we will always try to accommodate them.
Are you available for weekday weddings? Yes.
What about confetti? Unfortunatly most retail confetti contains very cheap colour dyes. If these get wet from rain, sweat or drink spillage's then the dye will run and stain the car seats, carpet and the brides dress. So while confetti is banned, (sorry), rice, plain white paper shapes, colour-fast confetti and flower petals are allowed.
Do you have a fixed price list? The prices are based on the distance of the wedding locations, from the car's home base, any extra journey's involved, special arrangements, etc. As each booking is unique, we discuss the details with you first. Where possible, the typical 'local' wedding charge is shown on main description page for each car.
Do we have to add VAT to the prices shown or quoted? No, we are not registered for VAT.
These look like old cars, what would happen if the car we selected became unavailable shortly before our wedding? In the unlikely event that we are unable to complete the booking for reasons beyond our control, we will attempt to offer you either an alternative car or a refund. We would call you and discuss the options. We know other Rolls-Royce and Classic car owners in the area who may be willing to help.
What would happen if the car was delayed on the day? Although we normally complete a full dummy-run of the route a few days before your big-day, we can accept no responsibility for delays that are beyond out control.
Are the cars and limousines shown on your web site the actual ones that are provided? Yes.
Are your cars fully insured? Our chauffeur driven cars are fully insured for the professional services provided. The drivers and cars are fully insured for Wedding/Chauffeur hire (Hire and Reward), and the company has Public Liability Insurance to the extent of 2,000,000.

Please email us if you have any further questions.