Terms and Conditions (The small print)

Even though we have yet to have any sort of dispute and we pride ourselves on being very flexible and non-officious offering a small but very personal service, we thought it prudent to clarify the terms of our service.

Each car will be fully cleaned, polished and valeted prior to leaving our premises and travelling to the pick-up address. Though we will use any available spare time prior to departing for the church to clean-off the worse of the fresh dirt and flies, we can not guarantee that the car will be 100% perfectly clean if the distance travelled from our premises is great, the weather bad or the road mucky or wet.
It is the responsibility of the client to verify that the published details, dates, times and addresses are correct on the 'Confirmation' form.
The 'Champagne Service' consists of: The supply of a HALF bottle of Champagne (cooled/chilled if possible) and the serving of the wedding couple after wedding ceremony. Drink, Glasses, Opener etc. supplied.
The booking is accepted based on the times and itinerary stated.
Bookings are not considered 'confirmed' until the due deposit of 50 per car has been paid.
The outstanding balance must be paid in full at least 21 days prior to the hire date to guarantee availability on the day.
Due to the very high risk of colour-run staining, no confetti can be allowed to enter the cars, (This may also help to preserve the brides dress). Confetti is banned, (sorry), however: rice, plain white paper shapes, other colour-fast confetti or flower petals are allowed.
Every care is taken to maintain these elderly vehicles in first class condition, however, in the unlikely event that the car booked is unable to complete the engagement owing to mechanical failure, accident or any other cause whatsoever, then we will endeavour to provide a satisfactory alternative, offer a refund or partial refund.
Although we will endeavour to meet stated deadlines, we can not be held responsible for delays that are unforeseeable under normal circumstances and beyond our control.
No responsibility will be accepted for restrictions relating to vehicle access at any location.
The driver may refuse to transport passengers or luggage if the vehicle is overloaded.
The client is responsible for the conduct of all passengers. The driver may terminate the booking if the client or passengers cause excessive delays, are disorderly or, in the driver's judgement, are unfit to travel.

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Having been thoroughly inspected by the Trading Standards Service, Environmental Health & Consumer protection Division (including the inspection of our adverts, website, Terms and Conditions and Criminal Records etc.). I am delighted to be able to declare that the "Mr Rolls" trading company, has been accepted into the Trading Standards Service's "BUY WITH CONFIDENCE" scheme as an upstanding and fair trading company.

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